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We are very fortunate to have an exceptional team here at Davco – in fact, we like to think of them as a family. Just as client satisfaction is a top priority for Davco, so is the fulfilment and well-being of each and every team member.


All of our electricians are well-rounded, with solid experience in all types of electrical work (commercial, residential and industrial) however, each of them also has particular areas of strength and expertise that they bring to their role. 


Our apprentices all spend time on various of our projects, developing a good understanding of how the electrical elements fit in with civil works and other trades, and how projects run from start to finish. While they are all learning the trade as a whole, and building skills in all aspects of electrical work, each of them is developing different areas of particular interest.


Our office staff are skilled administrators, with varied backgrounds. They each bring a different perspective and add to the diversity and strength of the team overall.

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