Davco Fee Schedule

N.B all rates exclude GST

REGULAR OPERATING HOURS (8am-4pm; Monday-Friday*)
Hourly rate:                     $80/hour      One hour minimum  charge; charged for time incurred (to the nearest 1/4                                                                hour) after this.
Travel time**:                  $80/hour      Charged as incurred (from/to Davco office)
Power tool and appliance repair
Please note that the minimum charge for any power tool or appliance repair (including lamps) is one hour.
AFTER HOURS (after 4pm / before 7.30am, Monday-Friday; any time Saturday or Sunday)
After-hours call-out fee: $100             One-off fee for attending outside of regular operating hours.  After-hours                                                               rate for work carried out applies on top of this.
After-hours rate:             $120/hr        Two hour minimum charge; charged for time incurred, including travel (to                                                               the nearest 1/4 hour) after this.
Call-out fee for
public holidays*:         $300                One-off fee for attending on public holiday; regular after-hours rate for                                                                   work carried out applies on top of this
Davco Christmas break                      The Davco office generally closes for two weeks over the Christmas - New                                                               Year period. During this time we operate a skeleton staff on-call, and                                                                     after-hours rates apply 
*   Regular operating hours exclude public holidays. For clarity - we consider public holidays to include                     Christmas Day and New Years Day, even when these fall on a weekend.
**  Please note that for travel outside our regular service area (north of Mangawhai or south of the Auckland             harbour bridge) we charge a mileage fee ($1.30/km) in addition to the charge for travel time (as incurred)