David Morrison


As Company Director of Davco, Dave oversees and manages the business as a whole, sets strategic direction and leads the Davco management team. He still remains actively involved in the day-to-day activities and is particularly passionate about sports lighting and industrial automation.

He takes an active, hands-on role in our lighting projects and can often be found onsite during the season.

He has over 10 years of experience running large projects at Davco and a deep understanding of all aspects of project management and delivery, from administration through to install of the smallest electrical component.


Dave is the face and spirit of Davco Electrical Services and works hard to build and maintain strong relationships with all of his clients and colleagues

General Manager

Davco’s General Manager, Jeremy, manages the day-to-day running of the business and key client liaison as well as providing input on strategic direction for the business. He brings this holistic view to the Davco management team. 

He is also a Health & Safety Officer and Fire Warden for Davco, and has primary responsibility for compliance.

He takes a lead role on selected projects, working closely with Dave and the rest of the projects team to manage timeframes and resources across all projects.  


He is particularly passionate about our industrial electrical work and he remains one of our most knowledgeable and skilled team members when it comes to industrial automation and control.

Project Support / Executive Assistant

Whilst not an electrician, Jo has a background in project management and communication which is applicable cross-industry.

Since joining Davco in 2015 she has been a key member of the projects team, with a particular focus on resource management and allocation.

Jo manages all administrative aspects of projects including staff training, monthly reporting and invoicing as well as H&S requirements and project reviews. She is heavily involved in project planning and works closely with the rest of the projects team to ensure plans on paper translate to feasible and effective project delivery on the ground. 

She represents operations and project resourcing within the Davco management team. 

Simon Taylor

Service Manager

As Davco’s Service Manager, Simon oversees the everyday maintenance and service work for the business. With a background in electrical maintenance and over 18 years of experience in the electrical industry, his role encompasses a mix of planning and resource management as well as working 'on-the-tools'.


In addition, he brings extensive experience in large-area lighting (particularly maintenance and upgrades) and motorway lighting installation.

He supports the projects team as and when needed to deliver to time and budget and works closely with Jeremy to manage day to day activity and to ensure the quality of our services.

He represents the service department as part of the Davco management team. 

Jamie Gray

An experienced electrician, with strong all-round skills, Jamie works across the spectrum at Davco, with a particular focus on project managing large-scale commercial and industrial installations. 


Jamie has been a key member of the team delivering large-area lighting projects since joining Davco in 2014 and he represents our large-area lighting division as part of the Davco management team. 


He is also a qualified builder, which enables him to bring a broader perspective and skill-set to projects, particularly applicable to our sports lighting program.     

Sandy Shannon

Compliance Coordinator

Sandy joined the Davco team in July 2019 to take on the role of Compliance Coordinator. She has a particular focus on process improvement and implementation of best practice in this key area for the business.


She has a strong background in the electrical industry and project management, and extensive experience with a variety of Health and Safety and Compliance systems and processes. She is passionate about efficiency and helping to build a strong shared culture of safety and personal empowerment.    


In addition, she is the first point of contact for general enquiries at Davco and works closely with Jeremy and Simon to support the smooth day to day running of the business. 

Vaughan Woodcock

Vaughan joined Davco in 2018, rounding out our projects team by taking on the Civil Works role. He oversees all non-electrical elements on projects where there is a significant civil component.


Alongside working onsite on projects, Vaughan manages our workshop space and oversees our fleet, working with the team to ensure our vehicles and plant items are regularly serviced and kept in good working order.


He is a qualified roofer and brings a wealth of general construction experience and a practical, ‘can-do’ approach that lends itself to project delivery.

Mathew McGoram

Mat’s background lies in industrial automation and control and he is passionate about industrial service work. He has a particular strength in fault-finding and is one of our key team members when it comes to breakdowns and industrial maintenance. He also enjoys applying these skills to appliance and power tool maintenance and repair.

In addition, he has extensive experience in control systems and PLC programming, which is particularly applicable to our industrial clients and sports lighting projects.

Mat is also one of our qualified workplace assessors, supporting our apprentices in completing the practical, on-job components of their qualification.

Archie Hoddinott

Archie is our residential specialist within the service team. He comes to us from the UK, where he completed the requirements for his NZ registration, before emigrating in 2018 and joining Davco. He has a wealth of experience in the residential area, with much of his time in the UK spent on high-end housing.

Archie is completely at home carrying out all residential electrical work, whether small-scale maintenance or repairs, modifications or additions to an existing home or fully wiring a new-build house. He is enjoying being able to apply his skills to commercial work and gaining some more experience of and exposure to industrial electrical work.

He is very organised and efficient, which is particularly valuable in a service role, where he is likely to be booked to complete several jobs within one day.

Emma Ross

Emma completed her Electrical Apprenticeship with Davco and qualified as an Electrician in 2019.

During her apprenticeship she also trained as an AutoCAD draftsman and contributes to many projects by completing the as-built drawing modifications.

She is continuing to develop as a Project Manager, both on the tools and in studying for the PRINCE2 qualification. 


Emma shows particular promise on the industrial side of things, combining her natural curiosity about how things work with an aptitude for control wiring and fault finding.

Grant Postlewaight

Grant joined Davco in 2016 as an adult apprentice, having decided on a career change, following several years working for Fulton Hogan.

Due to his previous experience and prior study undertaken, Grant was able to complete his Electrical Apprenticeship in record time, to qualify in early 2019.

Grant effectively applies his background in construction and civil works to our projects work. He is particularly enjoying large-scale commercial install work and likes to see a project through from start to finish. He is also developing his skills as a service technician and is well on his way to becoming one of our strong all-rounders.

Jake Watt

Jake’s primary role at Davco is as a site supervisor for large-scale commercial or residential new-builds. However, he has a broad skill-set and is able to flex across all areas of work at Davco.


Whatever he is working on, Jake fully engages and takes ownership from start to finish. He works to build a clear understanding of client needs, project requirements and timelines and then diligently delivers to meet these. Due to his broad base of skills and experience, Jake also supports the service team when required.

Jake is passionate about apprentice learning and development and is one of our certified workplace assessors.

Jimmy Speck

Jimmy has an industrial background and strong experience working on pumps, motors and large machinery, particularly at installation stage.

He is also very experienced with commercial developments and is heavily involved in our large-area lighting projects as a site supervisor.

Jimmy is meticulous, thorough and well-organised – particular strengths when working across multiple projects that span a long time and need to be completed in discrete blocks, rather than in one go.  

Luke Barnao

Luke joined Davco as an adult apprentice, having previously completed a business degree and worked in the oil industry. He brings a clear understanding of the commercial reality businesses face when they have breakdowns or faults, which lends itself to a focus on commercial / industrial maintenance.

He has worked extensively on large-scale commercial projects at Davco and is building up a solid understanding of the construction life-cycle and how electrical fits in with other trades. 


He is a motivated, self-starter who completed his study via correspondence and is keen to learn at every opportunity.

Pete Coombe

Pete started with Davco as a Gateway student from Rodney college, becoming a permanent member of the team when he left school to start his apprenticeship. He completed his apprenticeship in early 2020, becoming a fully qualified electrician in March. 

Pete is very practical and hands-on - he enjoys understanding how things work and applying this knowledge to fixing faults, as well as installing new machines and industrial components.

He has also spent a significant amount of time on some of our large-scale apartment new-build projects, which has given him excellent understanding of both the apartment pre-wire and fit-off side of things, as well as the shared services reticulation through the building as a whole.

Graydon Williams

Graydon joined Davco as an ETCO apprentice and has seamlessly fitted in as one of the Davco family. Prior to joining Davco he completed the first year of his apprenticeship working primarily on large-scale apartments, which provides a fantastic all-round foundation for an apprentice electrician.

At Davco he has put this experience to good use and further developed his skillset with work on industrial installations and large-area lighting. In addition, he has gained more exposure to service work and is well on his way to becoming a well-rounded qualified electrician.

Graydon has a wonderful work ethic and is keen to learn and apply his knowledge across every aspect of electrical work. 

Tama Aitken

Tama joined Davco after carrying out holiday work experience whilst studying for his business degree.

He enjoyed the electrical field so much that he has put his business studies on hold while he completes his apprenticeship.

He has contributed well to many projects at Davco, including travelling to China to assist on a project to install an automated production line. He continues to build and consolidate his skills in all areas. 


Tama learns quickly and is enthusiastic about being part of the projects team.

Troy Malofy

Troy is one of our younger apprentices and gained some experience as a scaffolder before joining Davco. This has given him a good understanding of construction in general, which is particularly useful when working on large-scale commercial developments.

He is getting exposure to all aspects of the electrical industry, working with a variety of our qualified team members and across projects as well as service work.

Troy has a ready smile and is always happy to be involved and help out wherever he is most needed.

Other resources

In addition to these core team members we have a number of other electricians and specialists available as needed, to support the team in delivering successful projects and maintaining our strong service offering, which includes a 24-7 call-out service.  

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