At Covid-19 alert level 4, our office is closed, in line with Covid-19 government guidelines.

For electrical needs relating to essential business/services please call our main office line to speak with our General Manager, Jeremy Grant, or our Service Manager, Simon Taylor to discuss your requirements.

Between them, they will be covering all calls (diverted from the office to their mobiles) and managing a skeleton staff of our qualified electricians in order to provide essential services while at alert level 4. 


For non-essential enquiries please send an email to  Some of our administrative staff will be working from home to carry out business critical functions remotely and will be monitoring this email address. 

We want to assure you that your wellbeing is our number one priority and we are taking a range of steps to protect you when you use our services, and to ensure we are well placed to continue supporting you as we all navigate this unprecedented and rapidly evolving event.

Click here to download further detail on how we are operating during this time, and at each alert level, to guard your (and our) health and remain able to provide essential services.